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Get to know Illinois’ DUI laws

If you plan to drink when you go out, the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you have a ride to get home. If you decide to drink and drive, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law.Illinois law is hard on those who drink and drive or drive...

Refusing to take a field sobriety test

If Illinois and Chicagoland police stop you on suspicion of driving under the influence, refusing to submit to a breathalyzer or field sobriety tests will initiate serious consequences, and often these are worse than being found of guilty of driving under the...

Do you have to answer police questions?

You see the lights in your rearview mirror, hear the sirens and your heart races. Having a police officer is a stressful experience whether you’ve done something wrong or not. Knowing how to handle yourself can help make a traffic stop more tolerable while not...