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Advocacy, not judgment: the role of a proven legal defense team

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2019 | Drug Crimes

Any individual charged with criminal wrongdoing in the East St. Louis area of Illinois or elsewhere in the state faces obvious and stark challenges. Criminal law authorities pursue alleged wrongdoers with vigor and an abundance of resources.

That is amply demonstrated in case after case, a point we duly note on our website at the established criminal defense firm of Sullivan Law in Fairview Heights. We stress therein that, “Even before you are charged, detectives and other law enforcement officials will be collecting evidence to be used against you in court.”

That reality makes it an imperative for any criminally accused person to timely secure on-point and impassioned help from proven defense attorneys.

“Proven” implies more than the ability to simply step in and provide assistance at a select juncture of a criminal case. Rather, it encompasses a comprehensive defense at every stage of an investigation.

Sullivan Law’s deep legal team takes pride in its demonstrated record marked by just such a philosophy, with the firm’s advocacy being enforced by more than a half century of collective experience. We note online for our readers and any individual who might need our help that our aggressive and tailored representation proceeds from “initial consultation through all hearings, investigations, negotiations and trial when necessary.”

The stakes in a criminal law matter are often notably high, with potential consequences for an alleged wrongdoer that include incarceration, heavy fines, job loss and myriad other exactions. Questions or concerns regarding any aspect of a criminal charge can be directed to a legal defense firm commanding a demonstrated record of advocacy on behalf of diverse and valued clients.