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The complex, sometimes subjective realm of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | Violent Crimes

Some alleged criminal activity features facts that reasonably seem to be straightforward and sometimes even certain. We will leave readers to their own imaginations in contemplating such scenarios.

Yet we will also note this at the proven criminal defense Sullivan Law firm in Fairview Heights: Many criminal accusations in one select realm are almost murky and marked by subjectivity in a high proportion of instances. The surrounding “facts” are also often presented through a lens that can cloud the reality of what really happened.

We spotlight in today’s blog post the realm of domestic violence. Alleged family abuse matters are often problematic from the outset, being prominently marked by a lack of clarity and obvious truth.

We put it this way on our website: “Domestic disputes are always difficult in that they usually involve a complex set of facts.”

That complexity is virtually always at center stage in a domestic violence matter because of intimate partner or family interactions that have escalated in an explosive way. Calm and reasoned accounts provided to police in the near wake of a family matter involving alleged physical or other abuse are far from the norm.

Moreover, they are sometimes purposefully deceptive or even outright fabrications. Media stories chronicling domestic abuse frequently note that an alleged victim actually made allegations to secure an advantage in a family law matter (e.g., divorce or child custody).

The penalties linked with a domestic violence conviction can be stark for an Illinois defendant, ranging broadly from loss of custody to jail time.

Questions or concerns related to a domestic violence charge can be addressed to an experienced criminal defense legal team with demonstrated client advocacy in this legal area.