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Why do the juvenile, adult justice systems differ?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2019 | Juvenile Offenses

We imagine at the established Illinois criminal defense firm of Sullivan Law in Fairview Heights that most readers of our blog view the answer to today’s above headline query obvious.

A representative response might simply be this: because one affects mature individuals and the other is focused upon kids, and adults and children are far from the same.

That just seems so obvious, doesn’t it? Parents especially know that young people are growing in all conceivable ways and can hardly be regarded as fully evolved beings.

Every adult reading this blog entry was once a child, with distinct memories of how challenging and fragile things sometimes seemed to be during the fleeting teen years. Mature readers well appreciate – from shared personal experience – that the maturing process for adolescents en route to adulthood is a trial-and-error process. Kids are impressionable. They sometimes lack judgment. They take risks. They are susceptible to peer pressures.

The bottom line is that they make mistakes, some of which can land them in legal hot water. We duly note on a firm website page addressing juvenile law matters and linked criminal defense representation that, “Most kids will get into some trouble during their teenage years.”

It’s just a rite of passage. It comes with the territory. They’re kids, not saints.

There can be consequences tied to experimentation and judgmental lapses, though, which any proven and empathetic defense attorney can readily speak to. Sometimes the downsides are quickly dealt with, learned from and moved past without lasting adverse fallout. At other times, though, a minor’s unlawful act can potentially yield a serious criminal outcome that can spawn both immediate adversity and materially negative effects that last a lifetime.

Our deep legal team helps young clients deal proactively and purposefully with that reality. Our goal in every matter is to aggressively protect the rights of our clients and secure a best-case outcome that optimally promotes their interests.

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