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Weapons-linked criminal charges in Illinois carry weighty consequences

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Weapons Charges

Being convicted on a weapons-linked criminal offense in Illinois spells a nearly incomprehensible outcome for many individuals charged in the state.

Yet it happens, and more often than might reasonably be expected.

Unimagined consequences surrounding dire criminal outcomes involving weapons are routinely spotlighted in media stories that span the state.

Relevant scenarios are many and varied. Police detaining a motorist find an unregistered loaded gun in the trunk of a car that the driver in good faith cannot identify or account for. Air travelers sometimes inadvertently throw a licensed handgun into their carry-on bag that, when discovered, is just as much of a surprise to them as it is to security officials. A friend might innocently leave a firearm in the home of an acquaintance, who is subsequently charged with unlawful possession as a felon.

We are intimately familiar with the intricacies of firearm laws and “right to bear” cases at the established Fairview Heights criminal defense firm of Sullivan Law, PC. Our deep legal team collectively commands broadly relevant experience defending diverse and valued clients against weapons charges. Our attorneys bring combined acumen that encompasses prior experience in both the public defender and prosecutorial realm.

We duly note on the firm’s website that weapons cases often entail “complex fact scenarios” that require proactive and well-crafted defense strategies.

Moreover, charges span a vast number of possibilities (e.g., allegations of illegal possession, unlawful transport, failed compliance regarding the requirements linked with a state Firearm Owners Identification card and more). The bottom line is that a conviction can yield “serious fines, jail time and damage to your record.”

Proven defense attorneys help protect against those potential downsides, vigorously defending charged clients and doing everything possible to forge optimal outcomes in their cases.