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Illinois controlled substances: spotlighting charges and defenses

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Police investigatory probes across Illinois – and certainly spanning the Metro East region and East St. Louis area – center on broad-based subject matter. Law enforcers routinely zero in on alleged criminal wrongdoing ranging from violent crimes, weapons offenses and domestic violence to traffic charges, theft crimes and illegal acts involving juveniles.

And then there is this, of course: an intense and unwavering scrutiny on drug crimes.

That has always been the case, with police agencies, task forces and government lawyers having considerable resources and funding readily available to probe alleged misbehavior across a wide spectrum of fronts.

Investigators apply that might aggressively. We candidly note an unarguable point concerning that on our website at the established Fairview Heights criminal defense firm of Sullivan Law. We stress therein that, “Police and prosecutors are zealous in bringing charges for drug-related offenses.”

A criminal charge in the drug-offense realm can spotlight an alleged offense involving one or more of many differing types of controlled substances. Those range from marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine to heroin, a multitude of prescription drugs and closely regulated opiate medications.

And, unsurprisingly, the scope and severity of criminal charges is vast. A select misdemeanor relevant to a simple possession offense might raise the possibility of treatment and probation for a first offender. Conversely, a felony conviction for something like manufacturing or trafficking can yield a decades-long prison term.

Given the potential severity of a drug crimes conviction, a charged individual might reasonably want to contact a proven defense team without delay. Experienced legal counsel will craft a vigorous and tailored strategy focused on mitigating adverse consequences to the fullest extent possible.