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Understanding what is considered domestic violence

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2020 | Firm News

Domestic violence charges can be significant criminal charges which should not be lightly dismissed and should be taken seriously. Domestic violence is always taken seriously as a concern in our families, communities and societies.

When discussing domestic violence, and domestic violence charges, it is helpful to know what domestic violence refers to. There are several different forms of domestic violence that may result in criminal charges.

Physical violence is the types of domestic violence most commonly thought about in relation to domestic violence but several other types of domestic violence are all considered domestic violence and can result in domestic violence charges. Forms of domestic violence can include:

  • Physical abuse – physical abuse that may be considered domestic violence includes any physical violence that inflicts harm such as hitting, pushing, punching and many other forms of harmful physical contact.
  • Sexual abuse – sexual abuse can include unwanted sexual contact, coerced sexual contact, martial rape and even sexual jokes in some circumstances.
  • Emotional abuse – emotional abuse includes constant invalidation that invalidates self-esteem or self-worth which may look like constant criticism.
  • Psychological abuse– psychological abuse can include fear, intimidation, isolation and other forms of psychological abuse.
  • Threats – threatening behaviors can include threats of injury, threats of other forms of abuse or worse.
  • Stalking and cyberstalking – stalking and cyberstalking can include spying, harassing or engaging in those behaviors online.

Domestic violence can refer to acts allegedly committed against spouses; intimate partners and those who are dating; family members; children; and cohabitants. Domestic violence charges can result in serious personal and professional penalties and consequences for the accused individual which can impact their job, living situation and family life. As a result, those facing domestic violence charges should understand that legal resources are available to anyone involved in a domestic violence situation.