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What constitutes aggravated discharge of a firearm in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Weapons Charges

Illinois is a state that has strict gun laws. Law enforcement takes these laws seriously and those who are caught not following them can face serious penalties. Even a person possessing a firearm without the proper paperwork can face serious charges. But those who are facing an unlawful discharge of a weapon can be facing long-term consequences.

Illinois aggravated discharge of a gun is a weapons charge that a person may face if a gun went off in an unsafe manner and under certain circumstances. In Illinois a person may face an aggravated discharge charge if they fire a gun at someone else. If they discharge their weapon in the general direction of other people, even if they do not intend to injure someone, they can face aggravated discharge. If a person is injured the charges may be raised to attempted murder. Also if a person fires a weapon into a vehicle or structure from the outside they can face aggravated discharge charges even if there isn’t someone inside the vehicle or the building. Finally, if a person uses a silencer on their firearm they can be charged with aggravated discharge.

There can be severe penalties for those who are convicted of an aggravated discharge charge in Illinois. They are often felonies and can affect a person’s future employment, college enrollment, prohibition from gun ownership, impact on family law cases such as child custody, and having a felony on a person’s record. A legal professional who specializes in weapons charges knows that an arrest does not mean a conviction and will work hard on their client’s behalf to have their side of the story told. They can aggressively defeat the charges and minimize the penalties, protecting their client’s rights and obtaining the best outcome possible.

Weapons crimes in Illinois are serious. A conviction can affect a person’s life forever so having legal representation can be crucial.