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Dispute between East St. Louis teens ends with one being stabbed

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Juvenile Offenses

East St. Louis teens are prone to getting into disagreements. While this often results in little more than a verbal back and forth, it can sometimes become violent. Not all alternations reach the level where someone is injured and an arrest is made, but some do get out of hand and cause injury and even death. Still, people who are under the age of 18 will generally face different charges and potential penalties than adults. It is wise for juveniles and their parents to understand what they are facing and to prepare a legal defense.

Teen, 17, arrested after stabbing 14-year-old

Two teens ages 14 and 17 were involved in a dispute that turned physical and resulted in the 14-year-old being stabbed. Law enforcement was called to the scene after the incident occurred. The injured teen was transported to the hospital for treatment. The other teen was taken into custody. Because of their ages, police were legally prevented from providing more information about the incident beyond saying that the investigation is continuing.

Understanding how to combat juvenile offenses

While people of any age can commit crimes, there are fundamental differences between allegations in which adults are charged when compared to juveniles. With juveniles, the law may believe there is a better chance at rehabilitation than there is for an adult and will treat the case accordingly. This can even be true with violent crimes, drugs, theft and more. There could be extenuating circumstances. Law enforcement might have violated the juvenile’s rights during the arrest and interrogation process rendering the evidence inadmissible. Strategies to avoid incarceration and harsh consequences can be explored.

Consulting with experienced professionals is key

After a juvenile has been arrested, it is imperative to consult with experienced professionals who understand how to craft an effective legal defense. In this incident, the two teens were in a fight and one ended up hospitalized after being stabbed. Even with that, there could be a viable strategy for the teen who was arrested to combat the charges. Before doing anything else, it is important for the parents or guardians to discuss with case with a legal firm that understand juvenile offenses.