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Some IL residents with guns may have revoked permits

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Weapons Charges

Most states have some procedure in place to acquire and maintain a gun license. This license makes it possible for someone to own, carry and use guns. Illinois is no exception. When the authorities revoke these permits, gun owners lose the accompanying rights. However, people do not always receive these revocations, especially those who move or travel often. If caught with a gun, the person may face charges. 

In 2019, WGN9 reported that roughly 30,000 people with revoked permits potentially still possessed guns. In the four years leading up to this, authorities noted that this happened 80% of the time. 

People with revoked cards

There are many reasons someone might have their permit revoked. The instances that authorities find most concerning are those related to domestic violence, mental health problems and felony convictions. These are the statistics so far: 

  • 81% of people with cards revoked for domestic violence did not account for their guns. 
  • Nearly three of every four persons with cards revoked for mental health problems did not account for their guns. 
  • In 2018, 157 residents in Cook County who committed suicide by gun had revoked permits. 

The proper procedure

According to ABC News, when authorities revoke an individual’s gun permit, law enforcement officers require them to surrender permits within 48 hours. The person should also complete paperwork accounting for the whereabouts of their guns. This might involve surrendering the weapons to police officers and indicating they have done so. Individuals may also indicate that a legal gun owner now has possession of the weapons. However, law enforcement officers do not always follow up on this. 

Because of this, authorities now intend to take stricter measures to ensure compliance. These include mandatory fingerprinting and raising the $10 fee to fund compliance efforts.