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Ignition interlock device costs and risks

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | Dui Charges

As the laws and penalties relating to drunk driving charges continue to change, often becoming stricter, defendants arrested for these types of offenses have to figure out ways to keep their lives afloat amidst the challenges these harsh penalties may bring their way.

Some drivers may be required to install and use ignition interlock devices after being convicted for driving under the influence charges. What they may not know is that an IID can become quite costly. It may also expose them to new risks on the road.

Many costs associated with IIDs

In most situations, a defendant ordered to use IIDs must pay for all costs related to these devices. As explained by one provider of ignition interlock devices, Intoxalock, this may include the cost to install an IID in a vehicle, a monthly lease agreement fee and regular maintenance or calibration adjustment costs. When the time comes for to have an IID removed from a vehicle, a driver may also need to pay for this removal process. Costs may vary based on many factor including how long the driver must keep the IID installed, but the total can add up quickly, creating a significant financial burden for the defendant.

The dangers of an IID

In addition to providing a clean breath sample prior to starting a vehicle ignition, a person with an IID must take breath tests while driving. Car and Driver magazine indicates these rolling retests have been linked to multiple vehicle accidents. Participation in a rolling retest creates a visual, manual and cognitive distraction for a driver.