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Can a DUI conviction affect your time in college?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Dui Charges

As a college student, you must take care when dealing with DUI related issues. After all, a DUI conviction has the potential to alter your life in many negative ways. This is true even if you are facing a first-time conviction and otherwise have a spotless record.

But just how does a DUI conviction affect your time in college? And just how much of an impact can it really have on your life?

How colleges handle DUI incidents

The College Investor places emphasis on the impact DUI convictions can have on your college career. In fact, for some people, it might even end your college career entirely.

It is rare, but there are cases in which a college board decides to expel a student due to a DUI incident. This often involves more than a DUI charge alone, though. For example, they may take this action if a DUI crash led to the death of another student.

More likely is that you will face financial repercussions for your conviction. A college will likely withdraw their financial support, if they were providing any. This often damages a student’s ability to continue attending school. In addition, some schools will also bar you from using on-campus housing, forcing you to pay to stay off-campus instead.

Potential career impacts

Finally, it can impact your ability to head toward the career you want. Many jobs will not hire people with DUI convictions. This includes teaching and childcare positions, government positions and any job that requires a commercial driver’s license. Needless to say, this can upset your college plans and your life plans alike.