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What are the goals of the Illinois Controlled Substances Act?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Drug Crimes

Controlled substances are drugs under the legal control of the government due to their potential to cause addiction or other dangers. Every state has its own controlled substances act to outline what that state wants to do in regards to these drugs.

The Illinois General Assembly explains its Controlled Substances Act seeks to help prevent abuse of drugs and widespread availability of them. The act has several goals that aim to reach this conclusion.

Curb abuse

The law contains the ability for the government to assist people who have abuse issues with controlled substances. Through programs and outreach, the state hopes to empower those who may have addiction issues to overcome the problem and live a life free from drugs.

Limit access

The law seeks to set up a system that allows limited access to controlled substances. Through setting guidelines for prescriptions and imposing proper penalties on those illegally selling or disbursing these substances, the law hopes to keep them out of the hands of those who should not use them.

Punish harshly

While a large majority of the law is about prevention or helping those with addictions, it also addresses those working outside of the law to traffic or disburse controlled substances in an illegal manner. By imposing harsh penalties, the law seeks to deter people from selling these drugs.

In addition, the law makes a distinction between different substances to punish more harshly those that can cause the most damage. For example, marijuana has a much lower penalty associated with it than more dangerous drugs, such as opioids. It also has levels of severity based on the actions or situation of the incident.

Wrapping up the act is the agreement to adhere to federal guidelines when possible and providing law enforcement with the ability to properly and easily enforce the act.