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3 possible defenses for a DUI charge

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Dui Charges

A police stop resulting in a DUI charge may change your life. However, some common defenses may aid in either dismissing or diminishing your charges.

Police procedures become the focal point when challenging the validity of a DUI. In some situations, a minor police error may benefit your case. Peruse these three possible defenses to a DUI charge in Illinois.

1. The stop was not lawful

The police need a reason to stop vehicles. They should either see you break the law or believe you are part of another crime. This reasonable suspicion gives them the authority to pull you over for questioning. If the police stopped you without reasonable suspicion, then the stop may not hold up.

2. The flawed field sobriety test

Not all officers receive training to conduct field sobriety tests. Even though they seem relatively simple to administer, not all officers can. If the official who conducted your roadside testing lacked the proper credentials or training, the results may not go into evidence against you.

3. The breath or blood test was inaccurate

The roadside breath test is the piece of evidence most police want to have for a DUI charge. You may refuse the test and wait for a blood test, which is not always preferable for the investigation. Even if you agree to a breath test, several factors may influence the results and render them inadmissible. You may have a medical condition or adhere to a diet that produces high ethanol levels. The way the police administer the test may prove faulty.

When you make a mistake and drive under the influence, you may find yourself dealing with the police. Providing yourself with relevant defenses may prove beneficial for your situation.