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What are some common juvenile crimes

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Juvenile Offenses

Instances of crimes committed by juveniles include a variety of acts, from petty theft to more serious burglaries and drug crimes. Maryville University reports that while the number of juveniles incarcerated dropped nearly 60% over the past decade, instances of delinquency continue, with new crimes committed each year.

While many juvenile offenses do not result in jail time, there are a few that may land the perpetrators and their parents or guardians in court, where a judge may hand down a variety of punishments, depending on the type of crime committed.


Larceny is the act of removing the property from an individual or his or her home with the intent to either keep or sell it. In cases where the thief intended to sell the property, such as to a pawn shop or other person. Larceny usually does not include the theft of a vehicle, as this is almost always a separate charge.

Disorderly conduct

This is a minor offense in most cases, especially when compared to larceny or drug crimes, but it covers a wide range of acts, including:

  • Loitering
  • Vagrancy
  • Vandalism
  • Violating noise ordinances

Depending on whether the juvenile acted alone or with a group of others, the crimes may carry different punishments.

Drug violations

Drug crimes also carry a wide range of instances and punishments, whether the juvenile planned to distribute drug paraphernalia, sell drugs or use any illegal substance. Depending on the individual’s legal record and where the crime took place, the courts may mark it as a felony, which usually carries heavier penalties.

Families can protect their juveniles by encouraging them to participate in school activities, such as sports, and monitor their activities to ensure they are not breaking the law.