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What should you know about DUI stops?

DUI stops are something any driver may come across in their daily trek across town. Some people will also likely want to avoid them for various reasons. Is it legal to avoid a DUI stop? If so, how can a driver do it safely? What are DUI stops? Life Safer discusses DUI...

Do you have drug paraphernalia in your home?

If you have teenagers in your family, it occasionally may seem like you do not know them at all. This is probably due to normal child development, which can cause young personalities to fluctuate frequently. Sadly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and...

What to know about the drug court program

Sometimes, people find themselves facing criminal charges not because of malintent, but due to substance abuse struggles. In such cases, the traditional criminal penalties of jail time and fines do not always best serve those charged or the communities. Instead,...