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How can you control your anger?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Violent Crimes

Anger is a natural emotional state. According to the APA, anger ranges from irritation to rage. If you have limited control over your anger, however, it could land you in legal trouble.

To prevent future incidents, you cannot be at the mercy of your emotions.

Understand your threshold

Some people are born more prone to anger than others. While some may barely show their anger, others feel it more openly and express it without difficulty. There are different types of anger too. A chronically angry person may withdraw or sulk and another may throw objects or feel more violent.

To control your anger, you have to know your threshold. If you have low tolerance, acknowledge it. Some children learn anger from their environment, whereas others naturally carry it.

Know when anger goes too far

Many people believe that letting anger go unrestrained may benefit their mental health. Unfortunately, research says otherwise. If you let your anger out to the point where it can hurt someone, you not only hurt the other person, but you can escalate the anger or aggression. You may miss out on the opportunity to resolve the situation peacefully. Learn your triggers and know when to take a step back to relax.

Learn to breathe deeply and to picture relaxing environments. You may benefit from changing your thought patterns. Try to reduce overly dramatic or exaggerated thoughts.

Sometimes, it helps to talk to others and learn new techniques to process your emotions. It is normal to seek a therapist to help you learn to work through your anger and develop new techniques to change your behavior.