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How does a DUI conviction alter your career path?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Dui Charges

A DUI conviction can have numerous impacts on your life, with many of these affecting you in ways you likely would not ever anticipate.

For example, one single DUI conviction could end up altering your entire career path. But how?

Losing financial backing

The College Investor paints a grim picture of people with a DUI on record. In essence, a college’s response to a student getting a DUI will differ from case to case, but they will almost always react in some way.

In most cases, a college will stop financially supporting the student with a DUI. This means that if you have scholarships, grants, awards or gifts, you could expect them to get taken away or stopped in their tracks.

On top of that, a college may bar you from using on-campus housing. You will then have to pay for off-campus housing, which can cost a lot, especially in bigger cities.

A loss of career options

Your studying options may narrow, too. This is due to the fact that many industries will not hire someone with a DUI on record, even if it is just a first-time offense. This includes government positions and jobs working with children, which can range from childcare to teaching.

Of course, any job that requires you to operate machinery or cars will also likely be close to you. On top of that, some jobs will give preference to workers who have their own vehicles, and you will likely need to rely on public transportation if you do not have a restricted driver’s license during your probation period.

In short: one DUI conviction could close many opportunities to you and even alter your entire career future.