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Can your mental health provide a defense?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Mounting a defense against criminal charges may feel crushing, especially if your actions are not the norm for you. Your mental health condition may act as part of a defense.

A mental health crisis may send you spiraling. If it contributed to your criminal charges, the situation might become evidence to help.

What role does mental health play in court?

A mental health condition may give the court some perspective on why you acted in a particular manner. Sometimes, this may lead to more of a defense of your actions. It does not mean the judge will write off your behavior or excuse it; instead, it may go a long way in explaining that you may not have had complete control over yourself.

What are common mental health conditions?

Some mental health conditions may impact your behavior more than others. Bipolar disorder, for instance, has elements of depression along with bouts of mania. This is a period where you become hyperactive and act out in ways you may not normally. Mania may lead to impulsive behavior and increased consumption of alcohol and drugs. Schizophrenia is another condition that may cause you to act out and behave in a way in opposition to what you would normally.

What evidence does the court want to see?

The court will want your medical records if they show a diagnosis. Should you not have a diagnosis but exhibit the symptoms of a mental health condition, the judge will want to see you attend medical sessions and receive treatment as evidence.

An attorney can help you with the evidence required to show the court that your mental health condition played a role in your criminal charge.