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Illinois lawmakers push for stricter gun laws

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Weapons Charges

In the aftermath of a deadly July Fourth shooting, Illinois lawmakers are considering changes to Illinois gun laws. The goal of these potential changes is to limit access to some types of weapons and keep dangerous people from obtaining firearms.

What types of changes are lawmakers considering?

Red flag law changes

Current state law requires teachers and law enforcement officers to report people who engage in dangerous behavior they believe should prevent them from legally obtaining a gun. The state currently maintains these records for six months. Lawmakers are considering reducing the amount of proof required to report someone and requiring the state to keep the reports on file for a longer period.

Weapon and ammunition bans

Lawmakers are also considering banning the purchase or possession of certain types of firearms and ammunition. If passed, these laws could make it illegal to purchase or possess “military-style” weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Changes to FOID cards

An Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification Card identifies people who are legally allowed to purchase or possess firearms or ammunition in the state. Expanded background checks go into effect in 2024 and an incentive for FOID cardholders to submit fingerprints began in January of 2022. However, some lawmakers want to make the fingerprint requirement mandatory.

Changes to Illinois gun laws could make some types of weapons and ammunition illegal to own or possess in the state. Illinois gun owners need to be aware of gun laws and potential changes to ensure that they do not commit weapons violations that could result in fines, jail time or the loss of their eligibility to possess firearms in the state.