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Can you apply for financial aid with a drug conviction?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Drug Crimes

If you have heard that drug convictions make it impossible to receive government-backed financial aid, you are in for some good news. After all, according to the U.S. Department of Education, drug convictions have no bearing on a person’s eligibility for grants, loans or work-study dollars.

Pursuing higher education is one of the more effective ways to rebuild your life after a drug conviction. Even though you can still apply for government-backed financial aid with a drug conviction, other types of financial aid may no longer be available to you.

Your parents

You probably know your parents pretty well. If your father and mother have a zero-tolerance policy for drug use or criminal conduct, they may cut you off financially following your conviction. This may leave you looking for other sources of academic aid.

Your college or university

Many colleges and universities have endowments that allow them to offer financial aid to matriculating students. Your ability to compete for this type of financial aid, though, probably depends on your school’s code of conduct. Indeed, your college or university may disallow individuals with drug convictions from competing for certain types of academic funds.

Private scholarship organizations

Civic groups and other organizations also often give aspiring students scholarships. Just like with your college or university, these organizations typically can decide whether to award funds to those with drug convictions. Sadly, many private groups refuse to give scholarships to students who have had drug convictions in the past, even if those convictions are minor ones.

Ultimately, to continue to be eligible for as many types of financial aid as possible, it may be critical to fight any drug charges you are facing currently.