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What should you know about DUI stops?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2022 | Dui Charges

DUI stops are something any driver may come across in their daily trek across town. Some people will also likely want to avoid them for various reasons.

Is it legal to avoid a DUI stop? If so, how can a driver do it safely?

What are DUI stops?

Life Safer discusses DUI stops. Also called traffic stops, officers set these stops up along roads that typically have a high rate of intoxicated drivers coming through. This is why many DUI stops happen on the freeway.

With a DUI stop, drivers have to go through the stretch of road designated for the stop and police officers will randomly pull vehicles aside to check if the driver is sober or intoxicated. Many people find this overly invasive and stressful.

This is why some states require police to give drivers advance warning that they are approaching a DUI stop. In others, these officers even have to provide alternative routes to drivers.

Safely avoiding a DUI stop

But even if they do not, a driver has the legal right to avoid a DUI stop if they want to. The most important thing to do in this case is to avoid driving in an illegal way when turning away from the DUI checkpoint.

This means a driver cannot drive in an aggressive or reckless manner. They cannot drive over lines, speed, cut other drivers off, or do illegal turns or  U-turns.

Keep in mind that officers can also pull a driver over for infractions like a broken tail light or expired plate stickers. But if a driver can avoid getting pulled over, they can safely avoid a DUI stop.