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Full-Service Domestic Violence And Orders Of Protection Representation

Any allegation involving domestic violence, assault or abuse could result in serious and lasting penalties. A conviction could impact your rights to enter your home and visit your children and could result in jail time and a damaging criminal record. Whether you have already been charged with domestic violence or you are facing an order of protection, it is critical to contact a domestic violence defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. At Sullivan Law, PC, I am prepared to handle all aspects of your criminal defense and will work aggressively to minimize the impact of a domestic abuse allegation.

Complex Cases Involving Domestic Violence

Domestic disputes are always difficult in that they usually involve a complex set of facts. Even for law enforcement, it can be difficult to sort out the personal relationships between the parties and to determine fault and criminal liability. If you are the defendant in a domestic dispute, you need an advocate with experience in all aspects of investigation and the skills to successfully handle your case and protect your personal interests.

I am a Fairview Heights, Illinois, criminal defense lawyer, and I am experienced with cases involving:

  • Domestic battery
  • Assault
  • Orders of protection
  • Restraining orders
  • Child abuse

You Have The Right To Defend Yourself And Your Family

I understand the emotional and personal challenges my clients face. I will handle your case discreetly and work to protect your reputation, professional interests and personal rights. These cases can be highly emotional for all parties and can often impact civil actions, including divorce and custody cases. I represent clients who have been accused of domestic assault or abuse, navigating the criminal justice system with strategy and local experience. Do not try to handle your case alone or you could risk a long-term order of protection that is difficult or even impossible to reverse.

Don’t Wait Another Day To Get The Legal Help You Need

For a free consultation, call 618-207-4473 or contact me online. I will sit down with you, review the circumstances of your case, and give you an honest explanation of your rights and options. Based in Fairview Heights, I represent clients in St. Clair County and throughout the Metro East area in Illinois.