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Protecting The Future With Expungements And Sealing Records

A criminal record can impact your employment opportunities and affect your ability to get into college or receive a scholarship, along with other long-term consequences. Remember that you may be eligible for expungement or other record-sealing possibilities. At Sullivan Law, PC, we are a local law firm serving clients in Fairview Heights, Illinois. With extensive experience working in the criminal justice system, we know how to efficiently and effectively help our clients move forward after a criminal charge or conviction.

Our Fairview Heights lawyers will help you clear your criminal record. We are experienced with post-conviction matters including:

Expungement: An expungement of your record is complete removal of the record if your case was dismissed. Filing for an expungement means that it is completely removed and all records will be deleted.

Sealed records: When your records are sealed, the government will still have access to those files, but they will be hidden from potential employers.

Our firm will take the time to review your case, examine your potential for expungement and inform you of your rights. If you are not yet eligible for expungement or record sealing, we will help you explore other options.

Seeking A Record Expungement?

If you are considering a record expungement and want to know your rights, please contact our firm. Your eligibility depends on your individual circumstances and the type of crime you were charged with. We will run your record to determine if you are eligible, review your options and identify an appropriate course of action for your case. We will also file your expungement in a timely manner so that you can pursue your opportunities professionally and personally.

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