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Experienced Lawyer To Defend Against Weapons Charges

Weapons charges can carry serious penalties, even for individuals without a record. Carrying a weapon without a license, transporting a weapon across the state or even unknowingly possessing an illegal firearm can result in serious fines, jail time and damage to your record, even affecting your right to vote. At Sullivan Law, PC, I am prepared to handle even the most complex cases involving gu crimes. With nearly 30 years of experience, I, attorney Kelly Sullivan, can effectively investigate your case, identify your defense options, and work aggressively to defeat charges and minimize penalties.

Your Right To Bear Arms And Criminal Charges

Any weapons offense can affect your long-term right to bear arms. In some cases, you could lose the right to hunt or carry a gun. These consequences are in addition to any penalties you may face. For members of the military, a felony conviction could affect your military career and leave you unable to serve. I have extensive experience in weapons crimes investigations and defense and will employ skill, strategy and dedicated advocacy to achieve results.

I am a Fairview Heights weapons charge defense lawyer, and I am experienced with cases involving:

  • Crimes involving guns, knives and ammunition
  • Possession of firearms without identification requirements
  • Out-of-state drivers transporting weapons through Illinois
  • Having a gun without a FOID card
  • Felons in possession of weapons
  • Weapons and a felony offense

Crimes Committed With A Weapon

Some of the most serious charges arise when a defendant is accused of using a weapon while committing another crime. These cases involve complex fact scenarios that require intensive investigation on your behalf. I will review all evidence in your case, consult with witnesses and use research strategies to build an effective defense. My priority is to defeat charges when possible, seek a plea bargain or negotiation, and aggressively defend your interests in court.

Protect Your Rights. Call Sullivan Law, PC, Today.

If you’ve been charged with a weapons-related offense, contact my firm. I will vigorously defend you. I will do everything in our power to protect your rights, minimize the consequences and obtain the best outcome possible. Call my firm today at 618-207-4473 to schedule a free consultation. Based in Fairview Heights, I am dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals facing criminal charges in Belleville, Edwardsville and throughout the Metro East area in Illinois.