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Strategic Representation In Juvenile Law Matters

Most kids will get into some trouble during their teenage years. When that trouble becomes criminal, the results can be damaging in the long term. If your child has been arrested, it is important to work with an experienced advocate who can successfully navigate the juvenile justice system and help your child get back on the right track. At Sullivan Law, PC, in Fairview Heights, Illinois, our attorneys are prepared to review all evidence, develop a comprehensive defense and aggressively protect the rights of a juvenile.

Navigating The Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile defendants need representation from advocates with experience in the local criminal defense and juvenile justice systems. In St. Clair and Madison counties, juveniles will go to a separate court. To convict a juvenile of a crime, prosecutors do not have the same burden of proof as they do in adult court. Punishments are generally lower, but can also impact the criminal record of a juvenile.

Our attorneys will review the facts of your case and listen to your side of the story. We will identify the legal issues you face and present any potential challenges that may arise. After reviewing the police report, we will explore your rights and options, address your expectations, and develop an appropriate strategy to achieve the best possible outcome. Our Fairview Heights juvenile crime attorneys are experienced with cases involving:

Parental Rights And Juvenile Crimes

Parents may or may not have rights based on the age of the child and where the child was arrested. Parents must be notified for any videotaped interview, but they may not have the right to be there during questioning. Our attorneys are aware of the sensitive nature of these cases and will be attentive both to parental rights as well as the best interests of a juvenile. While a juvenile has every right to ask for an attorney, the role of a parent may become complicated in the process. We will take every necessary step to help resolve issues for parents and for juveniles during this process.

We have handled a significant number of juvenile cases and have introduced our clients to the station house adjustment programs and other diversion programs to prevent charges. We will also do everything possible to keep a charge off of a juvenile’s record.

Get The Legal Help Your Child Needs

At Sullivan Law, PC, we will fight your child’s criminal charge and fight for their future. Don’t wait another day to get legal help. Call our firm now at 618-277-1400 or contact us online to get started. Consultations are free. We represent clients in Fairview Heights, Edwardsville, Belleville and surrounding communities in Illinois.